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Coonawarra has long been recognised as one of Australia’s premium wine producing regions. It is renowned for producing world class red wines, in particular Cabernet Sauvignon with intense fruit character and balance. The secret lies in the magical marriage of rich terra rossa soil over lacustrine limestone, a pure underground water supply and a long, cool ripening period for the grapes. ​

The cigar shaped strip of terra rossa is finite, and for this reason it is prized like a precious jewel. The Coonawarra strip is only 20 kilometres long and 2 kilometres at its widest point and is all but taken up by vineyards. We hope you enjoy this 5km wallking tour of this amazing region.

Coonawarra is located approximately 440kms west of Melbourne via Ballarat & Hamilton and 560kms via the Great Ocean Road and 375kms South of Adelaide. It’s also close to other great tourism regions such as The Grampians & Robe.

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